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Smart Tips on How to Make Your Office Uniform Work for You

The term 'personal style' is hardly considered when a company decides on the uniform their employees will be required to wear. Granted, it is near impossible to get a group of people to decide on what they should all wear, let alone an entire workforce in a company. So the management tends to go for the safest (and the most boring) choice so that everyone looks okay and focuses on work.

Now, while you must adhere strictly to the corporate uniform, you don't have to hate wearing it every day. There are ways to make your uniform reflect your sense of style and personality so that you can bear, and maybe even enjoy, wearing the same thing every day.

Check and adjust the fit

Sometimes, the uniform you get may be slightly larger or smaller than your actual size. The first remedy for this is to ask to fit the clothes before signing off on them. This way, you can get something that is as close to your size as possible.

Once you get your clothes, you can take them to a seamstress (or your grandmother) to have it taken in, if it is too large. Remember that these are your work clothes so don't have them made too tight since that doesn't look professional, and a tight fit could hamper your ease of movement.


Make sure to find out what the company rules are on accessories. Since your aim is to look professional, make sure your accessories are not too large and garish. The best option, therefore, is to go for a single statement piece. It can be a bold necklace, hairclip, or brooch. Remember that with accessories in the workplace, less is more.

Pick a flattering colour

If the company you're working for has the option of several colours, pick the one that best suits your complexion, or matches the colour of your eyes. For instance, if you have blue eyes, pick from among the cool colours, and if you have caramel-coloured or dark skin, pick from the warmer colours.

Be confident

A confident person can make any outfit look good. Take a look in the mirror and find one positive thing about your work uniform and walk confidently in that all day. In fact, the best part about your work uniform is always the one wearing it: you. Take pride in that and you will be able to make any uniform look good, whether it's overalls or monochromatic scrubs.

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