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Installing the Right Equipment to Make Your Small Salon Look Spacious and Elegant

The ambience of a beauty parlour demonstrates to clients and passers-by the kind of service they should anticipate from that beauty parlour. Your choice of barber chairs, salon furniture, spa equipment, shelving and storage equipment plays a huge role in building up this image for your clients. If you have too small a room to start with, these choices are even more crucial. The following tips will help you maximize on the space you have, as well as provide a wholesome experience for your clients, regardless of room size.

Use lighter-coloured furniture

Using heavy furniture in darker colours will make your salon space look cramped, while light-coloured furniture will make the space look more spacious and airy. Use white to make the space look crisp and clean, and warm pastel colours to infuse cosiness and warmth into the space. Keep your decorating minimalistic and choose a consistent colour scheme for the space. Having too many elements will make the room look congested and overwhelm the viewer.

Control your clutter

This doesn't apply to small spaces only, since salons are prone to gathering clutter as the workday continues. Ensure that you have designated areas to keep all items within the salon, as having supplies on tables, counters and all over the floor can make any space look cramped and disorganized. Use floor to ceiling cabinetry in attractive designs to provide storage space for all your supplies. Include a cubby hole under the counter of each station where clients can place their belongings, instead of putting them on countertops or the floor.

Make the most of your storage space

Select storage furniture with doors that slide from side to side rather than opening outwards. This way, your walkways and workspaces will be kept open, and small accidents can be prevented, e.g. when someone leaves a door open. Keep frequently used items on the lower shelves for easy access and have a small stool at a corner to reach the higher shelves, since you'll need all the space you can get in a small salon.

Have fewer mirrors

While the rules of design advise using mirrors in small rooms to give the illusion of space, having too many mirrors in a salon can be unnerving for a client. The client may feel like they're being displayed, especially before the work is complete. Use your mirrors wisely to serve the required function.

Improve your lighting

Ensure that your hairdressing furniture has not been placed in the way of natural light into the salon. Don't use heavy curtains on windows in the direction of natural light, which is great for improving warmth and cosiness in a small space. If you have limited natural lighting, invest in decorative lighting elements that will enhance the brightness and warmth of the space and highlight areas of interest within the salon.  

For more tips and options, talk with a company that supplies hairdressing furniture, like Elasta Hairdressing Suppliers.

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