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Some Factors You Don't Want to Overlook When Choosing Rugby Uniforms

Choosing rugby uniforms for your team, whether that's a school or a league you start with friends, may be more difficult than you realize. You need to consider the fit and feel of the uniforms as well as the overall appearance. Note a few factors you don't want to overlook when you're choosing rugby uniforms for any team.

1. Colors

You may have certain colors in mind because they coordinate with your school colors or you think they seem strong and bold, but note how easy it is to get uniforms in this color and if you might need to special order your uniforms instead. Certain colors that are not always a popular option may mean special ordering and, in turn, more money. Your colors may also closely resemble a professional team; if that team is struggling each season, you may not want anyone to mistake you for a team that always comes in last place! Consider too if black and other primary colors may fade with constant washing or exposure to sunlight, and choose colors that are going to be more durable and not as noticeable if they fade, including grey or simply white.

2. Comfort

You may want rugby uniforms that look good and that are very durable, but they should also be comfortable for play. Opt for longer jerseys so they don't ride up during play and for those that are very fitted; loose jerseys may billow and twist around during a game and get in the way of the player. Avoid thick collars as this can hold heat around the neck, and choose shorts that have no pockets for game play as these too can get in the way and add an extra layer of fabric that can be very uncomfortable.

3. Outerwear

When choosing rugby uniforms, you don't want to forget outerwear. Players need to stay warm and keep their blood circulating between play, and this means wearing warm jackets and pants. Opt for breakaway pants with snaps up the side for those that need to get back on the field quickly, and jackets should be loose so that they don't hold sweat against the skin and make players feel cold and clammy. Nylon is good for keeping water off the outerwear, which may be needed when playing in the rain and players need a respite from the weather. Be sure you opt for quality outerwear pieces, such as ZBR, when choosing rugby uniforms, so your players are always comfortable and ready for the game.  

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