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Three ways to use lavender essential oil for your frugal family

When you're trying to maintain a frugal household, looking for multi-use, cost effective products becomes a way of life. Essential oils are one such versatile item to have around the home, with a seemingly limitless range of potential uses and applications. Check out these three ways that you can use lavender essential oil for your frugal family.

Calm the kids while they're playing

Helping your children to relax and unwind in the afternoon is crucial to promoting restful sleep and avoiding a bedtime battle. A great way to give your children a helping hand to calm down after a busy day is to set up a quiet time activity for afternoon play, and homemade playdough with a few drops of lavender essential oil is the perfect frugal option. Store your playdough in a sealed container to prevent it from drying out, and just refresh the lavender oil as needed by massaging a few drops into the playdough when the lavender scent has dissipated.

Keep your hands clean and fresh

With natural antiseptic and antifungal properties, lavender essential oil is the perfect addition to your liquid soap. If you don't already make your own liquid soap, try this recipe that uses you favourite bar soap and essential oil; if you prefer a foaming hand wash, save your foam soap dispenser and refill it with an easy, frugal lavender foaming hand soap. Not only will you make a considerable saving by making your own hand soap, you and your family will also benefit from the calming, restorative effects of lavender essential oil throughout the day.

Aid a restful night's sleep

Lavender essential oil can be woven into any bath and bedtime routine easily to encourage your family to have a great night of slumber without the need for costly sleep aids. If you or your children find it difficult to get to sleep, establish a soothing bedtime routine that starts with a relaxing warm lavender bath. For something a little different and fun, try making some lavender bath bombs for a frugal bath time treat. A calming massage with a homemade lavender massage oil will aid relaxation and sleep. You may also like to try sprinkling a few drops of lavender essential oil on your child's pillow, or even pop a dash of lavender oil in with your sheets in the washing machine.

For more advice and information on how you can integrate lavender essential oil into your frugal family life, contact your local essential oil stockist today.

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