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Are You A Candidate Of Hormone Therapy?

As the body of a woman ages, it tends to undergo hormonal changes. These changes are even more intense as a woman approaches menopause. The biggest change occurs when the body reduces its production of a hormone called estrogen, which strengthens bones and prepares the uterus during pregnancy.  Once the body stops or reduces the production of estrogen, symptoms known as menopause symptoms kick in. Some of these symptoms are unbearable, and that is why some women seek hormone therapy.

What Exactly Is Hormone Therapy?

Hormone therapy or hormone replacement therapy simply refers to the intake of medications that contain female hormones. When the body stops to produce certain hormones like estrogen, there are chances that some side effects like hot flashes, weight gain, fuzzy thinking and vaginal dryness will surface. Hormone therapy medications take care of these symptoms.

What Are The Qualifications Needed For Hormone Therapy?

Unfortunately, hormone therapy may not be for everyone. At first, it was thought that hormone therapy could cure effects of menopause. It still does, but recent studies discovered that long-term use of hormone therapy medications may have adverse health effects that include stroke and breast cancer on some women.

This led doctors to outline the conditions and states in which women can or cannot take hormone therapy treatment. First of all, you do not require hormone therapy if you aren't affected by menopause symptoms. If, however, you are affected by menopause symptoms, you need to carefully examine your medical history before you decide to try hormone therapy. If you have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, or breast cancer before, you should avoid hormone therapy. Women who also have a history of stroke and blood clots in their legs are not advised to take hormone therapy.

How Do You Relieve Menopause Symptoms If You Are Not Qualified For Hormone Therapy?

To reduce the risks of suffering from diseases, it is advisable to start hormone therapy immediately after menopause; the longer you wait, the higher are the chances of contracting some of these diseases. Also, you can reduce the chances of complications or diseases by finding the type of medication that is best suited to your symptoms. For instance, if you experience menopause symptoms only on the vaginal area, estrogen contained in vaginal cream is more suited to your condition.  

There are also non-hormonal modes of treatments that you can find effective. Some of these treatment methods include working out a few hours in a week, deep breathing and meditating. You can also curb hot flashes by avoiding spicy food and caffeine. 

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