Looking for a new uniform

Are You A Candidate Of Hormone Therapy?

As the body of a woman ages, it tends to undergo hormonal changes. These changes are even more intense as a woman approaches menopause. The biggest change occurs when the body reduces its production of a hormone called estrogen, which strengthens bones and prepares the uterus during pregnancy.  Once the body stops or reduces the production of estrogen, symptoms known as menopause symptoms kick in. Some of these symptoms are unbearable, and that is why some women seek hormone therapy. Read More 

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Looking for a new uniform

Our netball team has a budget for a new uniform at last--after much begging. We've had an old uniform for years, and it's a little embarrassing to see the cool uniforms some of our competitors have while we play in something straight out of the 1980s. We are trying to decide the exact format of the uniform by looking at some of the cool uniforms of different teams around the world, both from the netball world as well as other sports. If you are also looking at netball uniform options then this blog should be a good start for you.